Do you handle weddings?
Yes, absolutely! Our “QUINtessetial” approach to designing and planning weddings is to infuse traditional and non-traditional styles and customs to produce a unique “Flare” (no pun intended..LOL). We like to follow some rules but we aren’t afraid to make up our own.

What is the price range for your services?
As with anything your budget and your vision have to be compatible. Part of what we do is to consult with you to help you to establish a realistic budget. There are many factors that impact price including the choice of venue, menu, entertainment, timeline, design elements and number of guests just to name a few. We’ve done intimate events for as little as $3000 to larger scale events with six figure price tags.

Are you and event designer or an event planner?
I’m glad you asked. We are both. Planners ensure that your event goes smoothly. They work with florists, caterers, photographers, etc. to make sure that your event planning and execution stay on schedule and on budget. We are excellent event planners with extensive experience in project management. However our specialty and our passion is event design. We like to take a blank canvas (venue) and reinvent the space to make it yours! We touch every detail including the “roomscape”, invitations, table settings, catering, novelty cocktails, entertainment, floral arrangements and hosting.

Do you offer packages?
The answer is yes and no. Once we do an initial consultation with you we create a customized package for you. However we do not have pre-packaged pricing.

What types of events do you do?
The majority of our experience in event design has been birthday celebrations, Sweet/Super 16 parties, VIP lounges, galas, balls, proms, corporate events, reunions, weddings and baby showers.

Do you travel?
Yes. Our bags are always packed!