tinaMy path to this point has been very non-traditional but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change a thing. All of my education and experiences in corporate America and private business have prepared me to excel in this industry.

My degrees are in accounting. Yes, can you believe that? LOL. I have a master’s degree in accounting and an extensive background in developing and implementing accounting information systems in both large corporate settings, and also for small business owners. However, I was never the prototypical blue suited accountant with glasses at the end of my nose. My strength was and still is my creativity and problem solving abilities. I’m sure you are wondering how that relates to event design. Well, there’s an architectural nature to event design that mirrors developing accounting systems. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true.

But even while building a successful career I always aspired to do other things creatively. I was always the one designing and planning class reunions, weddings, baby showers and birthday parties for friends and colleagues. Back in the 90’s I didn’t consider event design as a career option. I had people in my ear telling me that it wasn’t a real career and that I would be stupid to leave a stable, well paying corporate career. If you’re reading this, even if you don’t hire my firm please learn from my mistake. Always be willing to take a chance on your dreams and follow your passion. The bible says that our gifts make room for us and I firmly believe that.

In 2004 I broke away from corporate America and started my own accounting practice. I forged a partnership that allowed us to grow to 5 locations with literally thousands of clients. I was successful right? Wrong! LOL. I had money, cars, homes and more shoes than one woman can wear in a lifetime but I was ignoring my passion and my gift. I enjoy accounting and I happen to be pretty good at it but I absolutely live, eat, and breathe event design. I see the world through textures, colors and symmetrics. There’s nothing more exhilarating to me than seeing a group of people convened in a stimulating space, immersed in good food, entertainment and conversation. There’s something about bringing a client’s vision to life that enriches my life.

Over the past 6 years I’ve focused on getting formal training and really developing the Flare brand and our “Quintessential” style and standard. It has truly been a labor of love. Designing events is my inspiration and my passion. Each time we bring an event to life it’s like I’m giving birth and providing a gift to the world. Anybody that knows me can tell you that I love to give. I look forward to exchanging gifts with you.